This is site set up to cover the rising use of biometrics with children in schools.

My name is Pippa King and since 2006 I have been running the blog ‘Biometrics in Schools‘, the whole site desperately needed an update, collating the salient facts together and making the topic more navigable.

Since 1999 the uses of biometric technology in school has been largely fingerprints for access to school services, such as canteen or library, but the use of children biometrics in education is changing.  With the advent of facial recognition being introduced in schools around the world, the intended use of the technology has changed from access to services to ‘keeping kids safe’.

The way in which our children interact with it has also changed from a conscious presenting of ones finger to a scanner to ubiquitous face scanning.

This site will document the emerging uses of biometrics technology in schools and let you know your rights to keep your child’s digital data safe, secure and wherever possible use alternative methods of technology.

Once a child’s biometric data is shared or compromised there are completely unknown consequences for that child in the decades to come.